How to build on your career

Posted on Nov 12 2012 at 09:31:29 PM in Jobs & Careers

How to build on your career

When it came to his life, Ralph was probably not one of the happier employees around, especially since he was not in a position to improve it, or so he thought anyway. He had heard from a friend that there were several advertising jobs available if he was interested, but that would have put him outside of his element. If he could find the right company to help him with career placement, Ralph would be able to get back into the workforce and improve his lifestyle in the process. He had been on the lookout for accounting jobs that were available in his neighborhood, but every time he found one, the competition was so strong that he never had a chance. With his experience in the payroll department, Ralph knew that he would be an asset to any company that hired him, now he needed a qualified recruiting agency that believed in him to help him with his task.

Some of us may be in a dead end job and in search of a new career, or at least one that is fulfilling. Unfortunately with the job climate the way that it is, we can all use a little help to place us on the right track. For those people who are on the unemployment line, or at the unemployment office asking for help to “find me a job”, they are probably looking in the wrong place, especially if the kind of job they are looking for is a career changer. There are many career opportunities available at ICS and it will not require long lines at an office that may or may not want to see you working again. With a dedicated staff to serve you, ICS could easily be one of the most important decisions you will make, especially when it comes to employment opportunities. You don't have to go far when you decide to make your job search, you just need to go to the staffing & consulting experts.

Like many other people today I take the need for employment very seriously, after all without being gainfully employed there is a lot that I will have to do without, like a roof over my head, and food in my stomach. Lately I have been very concerned with the fact that companies have eased up on their hiring practices, but quite frankly I understand why. The ones that are hiring seem to use agencies to help them with recruitment, especially since they save the aggravation and bring competent people to the door. With the unemployment numbers being as high as they are, I would prefer to choose staffing & consulting experts to help me with my job placement needs, especially since it would cut down the amount of times that I had to walk into a wall of competing applicants. Being a member of the workforce is a goal that ICS has for everyone who contacts them and because of that fact, when it comes to good full time jobs that can be considered as career changers, nothing can beat having them on my side.

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