How to build a perfect website

Posted on May 7 2012 at 05:50:47 PM in Computers & Internet

How to build a perfect website

Because I own several websites I am always looking into options for hosting that are not only within my requirements, but also fit in my budget. When we determine that we are ready for our first Internet exposure, it is usually about setting up our store on a platform and eventually selecting our domain name. While these are important steps to get you to the finish line, finding the right website hosting is probably just as important. Serious minded webmasters will choose a company like Dotblock to help them with their website requirements, not to mention the fact that their hosting capabilities are quite extensive.


Although I do use a home network for my own computers, I have never found the need for a server. Large companies may find that they are unable to function without a proper server as part of their equipment, while some companies can get by with a small server. A dedicated server is the popular option for some companies who require ease of operation. Companies like Dotblock will provide their customers with their own vps server which is both efficient and secure. With your own server you can free up space on your individual computers and allow your server to do all the work.


Dotblack offers its customers a variety of pre installed vps servers (stacks) to help with their operational needs. Because my operating system is not the standard Windows or Mac, it pleases me no end to discover that Dotblock handles Linux operating systems too. If you are looking for a WordPress platform, that is available as a stack on their servers, you also have access to accounting software like NolaPro, or SQL-Ledger. If you prefer open source, they have those too. Before signing up with anyone else, check out Dotblack and see how easy your server needs will come together.

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