How To Become An Apple Developer

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How To Become An Apple Developer
How To Join Apple’s App Developer Program

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Developing apps for Apple’s iOS and OS X platforms can be a fun as well as lucrative experience.  The products dreamed up by app developers offer services and provide necessary tools for work, school and everyday life. Beyond that, their creations may also provide stress relief like entertainment in the form of games, quizzes and multimedia.  If you are considering the possibility of becoming an app developer for any of Apple’s computing platforms, then the following list is a series of steps that you must take in order to achieve that goal:

Before We Get Started

When developing in the Apple ecosystem, it is important, even imperative to realize that you are operating on their turf. As you progress in your journey you will come to notice that there are certain rules even in the way that your app looks, that can get your app disqualified if it deviates from their expected norm. There is no fighting it, don’t even try. If you are someone who is completely independent and can’t stand following guidelines, you may as well start learning how to program for Android or Microsoft, because Apple is not the place for you. There is an obvious reason to this, like many corporations Apple likes their customer’s to have a standardized Apple experience when using their products. That’s why most software designed for Apple’s products have that undeniable Apple-y feel to them. The most important aspect of this paradigm is to realize that this is what the user is choosing to buy into. They are buying an Apple product to get that simplified, streamlined Apple experience. In the majority of cases these users don’t want try something with too many confusing options even if it offers them a greater degree of freedom. Always remember, that you are playing by their rules, because if you don’t you will be setting yourself up for failure.


To take your first steps down on this journey you will need to register as an Apple app developer. This will require you to use your existing Apple ID. If you don’t have Apple ID yet you will need to create a new one. 

  • Enter these details into the developer login page at: . 

If you don’t have an established Apple account, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your birthday, name, address, and phone number. In addition, you’ll need to set a security question and answer in the event that you forget your login details. It is understandable if you feel uncomfortable providing that level of detail, up to and including your home address. That’s just how the system is, and again if you are working in Apple’s world then you better get use to it. So at this stage, gauging how much you are willing to trust Apple is a smart move. If you aren’t able to trust that their way is the best then it is about to get very uncomfortable very fast. Not everyone is cut out to follow these guidelines. If it helps any, Apple has a pretty good reputation for keeping the data they gather on users private (even if they collect an excessive amount of it). They like that reputation and will go to great lengths to protect it. You will not be able to skip any details on Registration page as they are all needed to complete your registration.

Completing a Personal Profile

The next step in becoming an Apple app developer is to complete your professional profile and select which markets you want your app to target. If this is the time you are going to start professional development then you should take your time with this section and make sure that everything you fill out and choose is the exactly the way you want. The options that Apple lists for targeting are:

  • Free applications
  • Commercial applications
  • Enterprise applications
  • Web applications
Registered Apple Developer Agreement

Before completing the sign-up process, you must confirm that you understand, agree with and are bound by the Apple Developer Agreement. Know that at this moment any games must end. Apple takes this contract very seriously and if you have provided false or improper information, Apple can and most likely will find ways to punish you. The level of severity of the consequences are up to Apple, and they have several ways to pursue it. At the least your can say goodbye to any chance of getting your app approved in the App Store. This agreement is available as a scroll through page or downloadable as a PDF. You should at least become familiar with the most important aspects of this agreement.  Additionally, you must be at or about the above the age of majority which Apple deems as at least 18 years old. Once you sure that you are ready, click the box and you will be taken to the next step.

Email Verification

Apple at the very least wants to ensure that you are who you say, so they will send you a confirmation email that you must acknowledge. So after you carefully consider the terms of agreement and decide you are ready, Apple will send you a verification code at the email address you entered in your registration details (it is usually a five-digit numeric code). Enter this code on the Apple Developer Program page, then click “Continue”.  

Developer Member Center

After completing your registration,you’ll land at the Developer Member Center.  You have finally arrived the hardest part of this quest. This page contains technical resources, development instruction videos, developer support, and bug reporting. These are great resources for anyone seeking  to program on an Apple machine, regardless of if you have App Store ambitions. When you click “Program Summary” you will be given which of Apple’s platforms you are designing your app for. I’m sure for those of you who are ready to program you have already decided on this critical aspect a while back, but for users who are just exploring the option are:

  • Safari
  • iOS
  • Mac

Time for the easiest part of becoming an Apple developer: simply click the “Join Today” button located next to the program of your interest.

Some of the developer platforms will be free, but the main ones like iOS will require a fee before you can join. As of 2013, the iOS developer program is $99.00 per year and the Safari app developer program is free. 

You can find the Member Center at:


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