How to Attract a Man through Humor

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How to Attract a Man through Humor

As I’ve stated before, I’m in no way, shape or form in the position to be giving advice on relationships.  However, I have had some success in the dating world, in my day and age, and I feel like a lot of that can be attributed to the use of humor.

It’s important to note that with men, it’s not about your job, accomplishments, what car you drive, or even how pretty you are.  I know.. crazy.  It’s all about the way that you make him feel.  Is he happy to spend time with you?  Can you help turn a stressful situation into something that’s fun and enjoyable?

It’s difficult, but don’t worry, I’m here to help!  I’ve identified some “lines” (LOL.. I know.. it’s silly) that can be used if you get in a pinch.  Disclaimer: Most of these should be used as icebreakers to a full-on, mature conversation.  It’s a pain, but us women are usually the ones that have to initiate any of that sort of dialogue.  Also, in most ways, these statements should be taken as jokes.

Guess what… I also categorized them by dating phase!  I’m awesome.. I know.

Stage 1: The Introduction to Courtship – How to break the ice at a bar, party, softball game, whatever
  • Hey Boy Hey – I know, you’re so sick of this line.  But, trust me, you’ll at least be able to get them to state… what did you just say?
  • Any joke sports related – So.. you don’t follow sports?  Well google some things before going out.  Even just being able to throw out a few lines impresses the men folks.  My normal go to is anything related to Cleveland.  We’re kinda stinky.

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