How Steam Carpet Cleaning In Denver Can Make A Difference In Your Home

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When it comes to carpet cleaning in Denver, you want to receive as thorough a cleaning as possible, especially when it comes to difficult stains. Stains like coffee and wine can become permanent if not immediately dealt with, and may take special measures to remove later. For the most thorough carpet cleaning, a lot of professionals turn to steam cleaning to ensure the best results possible.

How You Clean Your Carpet Shows

Any professional carpet cleaning in Denver service can tell you that the regular cleaning you put your carpet through will determine how difficult it may be to effectively steam clean it later on. If you do nothing more than just run a vacuum once a week, there is a chance that debris, bugs and other foreign objects will drive themselves deeper, making it more of a challenge to remove. Using those cleaning powders sold in department stores will only give the appearance of a clean carpet, without truly cleaning it as deep as it should be done. Those cleaners may contain a UV lightening agent, making the fibers appear lighter, but ultimately masking the dirt underneath. Stains made by coffee, tea or wine may leave a telltale surface trace, indicating that the fibers underneath have been compromised, and must be cleaned with a special detergent.

The Steam Cleaning Difference

Steam cleaning, when done by a carpet cleaning in Denver service, will involve injecting water into the pile of the carpet, mixed with a cleaning solution. The warm water helps to loosen buried dirt and debris, and will cause it to rise to the surface once the water is heated. The steam is pressurized and draws the cleaning solution through the fibers, from the bottom up. Once the process is over, the carpet is allowed to dry through fan blown air upon it. As the carpet fibers dry, you can see just how much cleaner they are, without any dirt clinging to them.

How You Can Help Maintain Your Carpet

Regular dry vacuuming is recommended by most carpet cleaning in Denver service agencies, but it should be done more than just once a week. Two to three times a week is recommended for carpets with a thicker pile, and at least twice a week for those with a thinner pile. For thick pile carpets, it is also recommended that you rake the carpet before vacuuming it, because this will loosen any buried dirt or debris. Attack stains as they happen, as quickly as possible, before they have time to set into the fibers. By adhering to this stricter cleaning schedule, you should then have your carpets steam cleaned at least once a month, in order to maintain its cleanliness.


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