How much big brother will you tolerate

Posted on Apr 27 2012 at 05:22:10 PM in Security

How much big brother will you tolerate

Depending on which of the neighborhoods in St. Pete you happen to live, your encounter with the criminal element will vary considerably. The St Pete police department is probably one of the more aggressive ones in the state of Florida, other than probably Miami. It was decided that cameras needed to be installed in an attempt to beef up security and reduce the crime rates, especially near to certain recreation areas. If you don't already have enough information on these cameras then you may wish to think before you conduct your next drug deal, especially since the authorities now have a permanent assistant high on an electricity pole or on a tall building nearby. For those who travel the downtown area on a regular basis, they have already gotten accustomed to the round the clock surveillance that constantly monitors what goes on.


Although we should already be getting used to all this electronic monitoring, for those who are thinking of relocating to the St Pete area, these cameras could be considered as a major invasion of privacy. I consider myself as a law abiding citizen and frankly I think cameras are a good idea, especially since witnesses seem to be so hard to come by any more. Nothing will stand up in court better than a record of the criminals activities, the problem is that private law abiding citizens are also being recorded and the ones who don't want to be recorded might consider this action as grounds for a lawsuit. Are we willing to allow ourselves to be monitored 24/7 in an attempt to keep the criminals at bay, or is this simply too much big brother to deal with. Our privacy is dwindling away as we speak, but then again so is our safety.

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