How Martial Arts Can Affect You as a Person

Posted on Apr 1 2010 at 11:53:42 PM in Other Sports

Ever since the era of the martial arts sports, there were hundreds of people frenzied about how Martial Arts can help them change their lives. People are in search for their own Mr. Miyagi (the old man in the movie karate kid) to teach them techniques like the famous wipe in wipe out as well as other useful techniques and styles of fighting.

Mixing and matching was not considered a bright idea in the martial arts world. Why? For some, it doesn’t make sense, and two, you need not to learn everything just to be cool so you can show off any time you want. Martial art supplies and martial arts is self defense; there is often no need for you to brag that you know about it. It’s a major NO for someone with this attitude to learn Martial Arts.

If you want your knowledge of Martial Arts to make sense, practice and discipline is the major key in this endeavor. Martial Arts is a challenge of both physical and mental Strength. If you want to learn how to do Martial Arts, you need to be one with yourself. Deal with your insecurities, Martial Arts is not anger management. It is not proper to let your anger out during training and/or practice. You have to feel that this sport is a friend in deed and having the skills does not entitle you to free anger from within you.

So what if somebody provokes you? Or accuses you of being a coward because you won’t fight over petty things? Would you rather give in or set a loose fight? It’s often not recommended to take the effort and strength as well as your time to entertain these people. What matters is that you know when to practice it and when not to. Do not give in easily.

Weigh your options. Saying NO can sometimes, be a more effective way of keeping your face clean of bruises, your shirts unbuttoned and your mom’s nagging question. Make yourself more of a self-conscious responsible person.

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