How do you rate integrity?

Posted on May 30 2012 at 08:36:46 AM in Religion & Spirituality

How do you rate integrity?

“On another day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came with them to present himself before him. Satan answered the Lord, From roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it. So Satan went out from the presence of the Lord and afflicted Job with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head. When Jobs three friends, Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite, heard about all the troubles that had come upon him, they set out from their homes and met together by agreement to go and sympathize with him and comfort him.” NIV


I don’t know about you but I would like to be considered as a person with integrity, especially since that will affect the way people look at me. I think we are in agreement when I say that we can never be taken seriously unless we earn the respect and trust of our family and friends. There will always be the risk of temptation and together with the worldly views of some of our closest friends, our troubles could only accelerate. I can only sympathize with anyone who tries to go the distance but ends up suffering because they allow themselves to be swept away at the last minute. Our happiness should not be based on human desires sprinkled throughout our daily lives, we should recognize that maintaining that much needed integrity is dependent on being strong to our word and our beliefs.

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