How do I find Keywords that rank high in Google?

Posted on Sep 27 2011 at 04:23:10 AM in Marketing & Advertising

How do I find Keywords that rank high in Google?

how do I find keywordsThis is the million dollar question!
So, How do I find keywords that will bring me TRAFFIC???!!!!!

Using the right keywords when working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can make the difference in getting one visitor to getting thousands.

Targeted traffic is the most important thing you will need if you want to make money online. It can not just be any traffic, it has to be targeted traffic for your particular niche.

The keywords you choose will determine how much internet traffic you attract and the quality of traffic you get.  Quality in most cases is better than quantity. You need to only get visitors to your website who are interested in what you have to offer.  I would rather have 200 visitors per month that are interested in my site, than getting 10,000 that aren’t.

Ideally, the traffic you get will consist of people who are actively looking for the information, or the product and service you are offering.  It’s all about you finding the visitors who will take the correct action you want them to take.

how do I find keywordsThat action could be to fill out a capture form or subscribe to your Blog.  As long as the visitors you are getting are highly targeted, you will make more conversions and more sales, EASY!   And that is why you are in business isn’t it?

So, How do I find Keywords that are targeted?
How do I find Keywords that will give me a top spot in Google?

Easy, and the best part is you can do it FREE! The Google Keyword Tool is available and I absolutely love it.  So in answer to How do I find Keywords?  Start with Google Keyword Tool.

Now remember, don’t always pick a keyword phrase because it gets a million searches per month.  You also want to make sure it has low competition.  Google Keyword Tool gives you all this information freely.

At first glance it might seem like a good idea to use only those 1 or 2 word keywords that get the most searches in Google. The problem with those keywords is that they will also have the most competition. You would have to be a master at SEO to get a high ranking when there is a lot of competition.

Instead, focus on the longer keyword phrases that may not get quite as many searches per month but also don’t have as much competition as the others. These are the keywords you should aim for.  If you can get a list of 6 or so phrases, you will have a much higher chance of ranking high on Google.

Imagine a keyword phrase with little competition, and 1500 searches per month.  You would have a greater chance of getting on the first page, and a very good change of those people finding your website.  Very Cool!!how do I find keywords

The Keywords you use, will determine the results you get. So learn everything you can about Keyword research, and you will see a massive increase in website traffic.

So, next time someone asks you How do I find Keywords that rank high in Google, you will know how to answer.

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