How can you find true dedication?

Posted on May 1 2012 at 02:37:20 PM in Society

How can you find true dedication?

I have found that when I place my trust in another human being that my faith in them can be severely tested. When I meet someone for the first time I usually try to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that they will not disappoint me, however in almost every case that individual “leaves me hanging” and continues to do that until I am so dissatisfied with them that I simply avoid them altogether. It can leave you feeling a sense of listlessness, especially when that individual happens to be a Christian like yourself. The problem is that these encounters have managed to make me anything but agreeable with others and caused me to think about avoiding the outside world altogether. 


It does not matter how faithfully you stick with someone, there is always the possibility that you will either get your feelings hurt or you will end up totally disappointed. While I am aware that not everyone is a believer, I can't help but wonder why we continue to place our trust in other human beings when they are the first ones to let us down. What this tells me is that we have a lot to learn and that could be why we continue heading in the direction we have been. One way to avoid having anyone disappoint us is to rely on the only one why was willing to give His life for us, this is essentially the only thing that will improve our attitudes and be a tremendous boost to our life.

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