How a Golf Shaft Can Make or Break Your Golf Game

Posted on Nov 21 2012 at 10:12:57 PM in Sports & Recreation

 How a Golf Shaft Can Make or Break Your Golf Game

The shaft of the golf club has a purpose beyond connecting the grip to the clubhead. It is actually very important as it connects your hands to the club head. All the power you put on your swing travels through the shaft and transfers it to the club head. The saying “the shaft is the engine of the golf club” is very popular on the golf courses in AZ. This is because golfers in Arizona golf resort have experienced how a golf shaft either makes or breaks their game.

Even Rory McIlroy knows how much the shaft matters in your game. In his PGA Championship win, he used a new 70-gram graphite driver shaft and it helped him improve his average driving distance. But just because this type of shaft worked for McIlroy it does not mean it will work for you as well. You need a shaft that fits your height, weight, swinging power and timing. Here are some ways a golf shaft can make or break your game:

  • Too light or heavy shaft – The weight of the shaft is the deciding factor of the total weight of the golf club. If the shaft is too light, it will increase your speed, but it will also lessen your control. On the other hand, a shaft that is too heavy will require you to exert more effort on your swing and mess up your balance. Either way, a shaft that does not weigh right for you can affect your timing and consistency.
  • Flex and bend – The flex of the shaft is rated according to their flexibility. A stiff shaft can give you more control, but less power so you have to increase your swing speed to generate the power you want. If you think the shaft is too stiff for you, you usually tend to overswing.
  • Resisting to twist – As you swing, the shaft twists and it affects how the clubhead contacts with the ball. The shaft has a torque that measures the shaft's resistance to twisting. A low-torque heightens the resistance which leads to straighter shots. If you are prone to slicing or hooking, a higher torque might cure it for you.

In golf, there are a million little things that can affect your game and your club shaft is one of the most significant things that you should look into. As you get fit for your golf club, choose a shaft that can bring out the best out of your natural swing.

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