Housekeeping Tips

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Housekeeping Tips

Keeping your house clean is not an easy task but it is of great importance for the well-being of you and your family. And considering that every household has its guests every once in a while, it should be neat & fresh so they can feel comfortable. The easiest and also fastest way of maintaining a clean and healthy environment is none other than hiring a professional hand, and as the popularity of the “no time for cleaning” problem grows – so does the number of cleaners in Melbourne.

No matter if you are relying on a cleaning service, or you are doing the job by yourself – everybody has to know the basics of keeping their home fresh and clean.

  • Organise your cleaning materials so you don`t have to run around the house searching for a broom or a rag.
  • Best is to create an everyday schedule. Split your chores as you like so you can do one or two in every day of the week. This way is much easier, less bothering and it really helps solving the lack-of-time problem.
  • Dusting and sweeping is important – try doing it as frequently as you can.  But if you think that you can not manage sweeping every room, just add it to the schedule you had created – one room per day.
  • Be smart – chase great results, do not just spread the mess around. For example, when dusting do not use a standard duster to wipe the dust off. Use a moist towel or rag that will actually hold the dust instead of just putting it into the air.
  • Remember that it is your and your family`s health on the line – use antibacterial detergents where needed. Clean good.
  • Do not be disgusted by the toilet – put your rubber gloves on, fill up the bowl and spray with bactericide cleaner. Let it sit for a short while, and then scrub with a toilet brush. Clean the seat with antibacterial wipes, and you should take a look behind the toilet – germs are everywhere you know.

I hope these tips will help you get the most out of your cleaning. If cleaning is still something you hate, consider hiring a local maid service, cleaning services Melbourne for instance, or some other of your preference, after all it is your house, your choice.  And it might be more affordable than you think.

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