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Keeping your home well-maintained is a very important task. Sometimes it might seem difficult, but it is not at all. You only need to know the right things to do. This article will provide you with the most important steps you should follow to make your home clean and neat.


You should be aware that dusting is essential in house cleaning. It is good to do it regularly to get rid of all allergens and make your home safe for you and your family. House cleaning Melbourne recommend that you dust off all surfaces at least once every week to keep the rooms fresh.


While you are dusting, remember to work always from top to the bottom. It is also good if you use a damp cloth apart from a feather duster. That will prevent you from spreading the dust from one place to another, leaving it lingering around the house. Be careful not to make the cloth too wet, especially when you are dusting off wooden furniture.


Dust accumulates not only on furniture and counter tops. The floor is a place which also should be cared regularly. Vacuuming at least on a weekly basis is the least you can do. That will help you remove most of the dirt and dust.


After that, get a bucket and fill it with water. Add some liquid detergent and stir until bubbles are obtained. Then soak the mop into the mixture and squeeze it. Run it over the floor. If the dirt is too much you should repeat the process until the floor is completely clean.


Bathroom also needs to be cleaned at least once every week. Use a good disinfectant to clean and disinfect the toilet bowl. Don't forget to mop the tiles and clean the shower curtain.


If you stick to the steps provided in the article, you will manage to keep your home always clean. That is not a difficult task, but it is possible that you will not have the time to perform each step. Or, you cannot deal with everything, especially if you just had your home renovated. In this case, you can call after builders cleaning Melbourne to give you a hand.


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