Hooded Sarah Burton Scuttles into Goring Hotel

Posted on May 4 2011 at 02:27:27 PM in Travel

The Huffington Post has posted a photo of a hooded figure ducking into the Goring Hotel a day prior to the royal wedding. Wearing stripes, ballet flats, blue trousers, a metallic belts and fox-trimmed topper, reports are running wild suggesting that this mysterious woman could be the designer of Kate Middleton’s dress. An outfit favoured by Sarah Burton, the new creative director of Alexander McQueen, speculation is running wild if the future Queen of England has opted to wear the famous British brand on her big day.

Though photos do not show the face of the mysterious individual, buzz is running wild that this figure is Sarah Burton - so much so that bets on who Middleton will wear has changed drastically. While Burton had told Vogue UK that she was not designing the gown, some reporters are betting their life that Ms. Burton ducked into the Goring for final fittings.

“The distinctive studded leather belt doubled through the belt loops of her jeans was identical to the one favoured by Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen, as were the ballet pumps.

“Burton, the Manchester-born designer, who has imbued the radical British brand with a robust femininity and breathtaking feeling of historical romance, is not often photographed. But when she is, the metal belt, buckled, and then individually slotted backwards, and the flat pumps, are present,” tells Hillary Alexander of The Telegraph, in a convincing identifcation of mystery woman.

Though the McQueen headquarters - located amongst the busy London city centre hotels - has declined to comment whether the fashion house is involved, the buzz is certain to help with sales for shop. Within proximity of the London Docklands hotels special offers, new agencies are likely to keep an eye on the McQueen boutique as the wedding looms.

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