Home-Style Vegetable Soup

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Home-Style Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup has a lot benefits. Probably the best feature it offers is that it will let you get your serving of vegetables and meat in one bite. How awesome is that! Usually after I eat this delicious meal with cornbread; I get sleepy. I remember the days my mom use to make this for me. It was my comfort food.

This can also be a great Sunday afternoon dinner. A lot you out there probably had tasted a veggie soup in your life. The complementing taste of the meat and vegetable is perfect. I bet you got hungry after remembering this dish. Here’s a home-made vegetable soup recipe with a touch of simplicity.

Total cook time: 30 minutes
Home-style Vegetable Soup Ingredients:
1 pound of meat (lean if preferred)
a pinch full of salt (or sea salt)
one can of green beans
1 cup frozen carrots
1 cup of can corn (whole kennel only)
1 cup of can tomatoes
1 can of black-eyed peas
1 cup of ketchup
½ cup of celery
3 cans of tomato soup
4 cups of water (or more if desired)

Home-style Vegetable Soup Directions:
Take out a medium sauce pan and set the stove on low to medium heat. Place all the tomato can contents in the sauce pan. Then, put 4 cups of water. IF the sauce is too thick after 4 cups, you may add more water.

Add green beans, carrots, black-eyed peas, celery, corn, and one cup of ketchup, then stir.

Using a frying pan; cook the ground beef until completely done, or light brown in color. Drain the fat out using a drainer.

Now, put the add the meat to the soup. Now tip in a dash of salt.

Reduce the heat to low, then cover the sauce pan. Let it cook for about 15 minutes.

Serve while hot, and enjoy this home-style vegetable soup!

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