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Posted on Feb 17 2012 at 03:50:31 AM in How-To

Your home needs to be always clean and neat. Otherwise, you and your guests will not feel comfortable. In order to make the house look good, you should be familiar with some useful home cleaning tips which will help you in the process.


It is vital that you take good care of your home on a regular basis. Domestic cleaning Melbourne advise to clean all the rooms at least once every week. That will keep them clean and neat. You can clean them in the weekend. That is the time when you are not tired of working and you could spend one or two hours to tidy up and clean everything.


You should start with cleaning the floors. No matter if you have hard or carpeted floors, you should vacuum them to remove all the loose dirt. In order to make the process easier, you can sweep the floor in advance. This is how you will manage to get rid of the larger pieces of dirt which could get stuck in the vacuum cleaner and cause some damage.


The next step is to remove all the dust that has accumulated on the furniture. Get a feather duster and use it to wipe all surfaces. If there is too much dust on some spots, you can dampen a cotton cloth and wipe with it. Be careful not to make the cloth too wet, especially if you are cleaning wooden furniture.


When you are done with dusting, you should continue with mopping the hard flooring. Prepare a solution of warm water and a few drops of mild detergent. Stir the solution and dip the mop into it. Run it over the entire surface of the floor. If it is too dirty, you should repeat the process several times.


When you are done with the rooms, go to the bathroom. Use a good disinfectant to make it really clean. There are a lot of them on the market and most of them are really effective.


In case you face any problems, you should ask some cleaning company, like cleaners Melbourne to give you a hand. Call them and they will come whenever you ask.

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