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Posted on Jul 4 2012 at 03:37:39 AM in Finance & Investment

With the ever increasing rate of unemployment today, it has become quite alluring to engage in home-based businesses. With just a laptop or desktop computer, internet connection, and some knowledge or skill, anyone can just start their own business. This has even become more feasible with everyone getting hooked to the internet already.

Home-based businesses are beneficial as it allows the entrepreneur to manage his own time and skills, require less or no employees at all, maintain low expenses, but still reach a vast market.

Here are some of the internet-based businesses that are worth nothing.

1.Direct selling. It cannot be denied that today, selling has invaded the internet world. Though two people, the seller and the buyer, are in the opposite ends of the earth, they can still engage in a business transaction. There are different products that can be directly sold on the internet like cutlery, house wares, clothes, tools and equipment, accessories, gadgets and gadget parts, and others. It only takes one’s knowledge and interest to start this business. Some companies that do direct selling where you can also get your products from are Triumph, Avon, and other companies.

2.Walk a Dog. Some may find this job funny, but many more find it lucrative. With just a leash, contacts, and referrals, one can already start a dog walking biz. According to entrepreneur.com, a dog walker can earn an average of $18 per 25 minutes of walking a dog. Not only is it leisurely, it can also earn new friends and new contacts while doing it.

3.Clean offices. Offices usually like to contact an agency to have some people clean their areas. This is another business one can start. You only need to have some cleaners, train them and equip them with their weapons—rages, paper towels, mops, vacuum cleaners, and others. Then, do not forget to make your business cards so that people know where and how to reach your company.

4.Consulting. If you have the expertise in certain or all areas, then consulting would be other business worth making. Companies and individuals need advice on their finances, plans, and properties and you may just very well be the right person to come to.

5.Writing. Writing is a skill one can learn, but having it with you when you were born is a bonus. You can start to have your own blogging site and talk about the things that people find interesting. Some websites include blogspot, bloggers, and wordpress.

Business is a good investment if you know what you are doing. But the best thing about having an internet-based business is that you only need very minimal training and a very small space to use which may be your room or a small rented space.

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