Himalaya Herbals Oil Balancing Face Wash

Posted on Jul 31 2012 at 05:58:30 AM in Beauty & Care

Hello Everyone!!

Today i am going to review Himalaya Herbals Oil Balancing Face Wash.

Price : 40/- for 50ml

Company Claims :

A soap-free, herbal formulation that gently cleanses your face and removes excess oil. Oil Balancing Face wash is enriched with Citron, an astringent and cooling agent, and Honey which has natural, deep cleansing properties. Unlike soap, your face will not feel dry and stretched. Use regularly for clean, fresh and glowing skin.

My Experience :

I bought this face wash during the early Summer season, as my face tends to get oily during summers. i was searching for an oil free face wash and the SA suggested this to me, so I bought it.

This face wash comes in a tube with a sturdy flip flop cap, hence its hygienic to use. the tube is transparent, si that you can easily know how much product is still left.On squeezing, I found the fragrance to be very soothing and pleasant, it is clear gel type consistency with tiny scrubbing particles in it, they are very mild on your skin. I washed my face with water and then took a coin sized amount and then followed the instruction and gently made a lather using circular motion around my face and neck and then washed my face. After patting it dry, I observed that my face was glowing and was smooth to touch.

For observation, I left it just the way it is and then observed that my skin was oil free till 2 hours and then slowly my t-zone area started getting oily. However, on regular usage I found that it reduced the zits on my face which generally occur a lot during Summer Season as my skin gets in "oily phase".

I used it during Summer season and now its going to finish off and I am not going to buy again, atleast till next Summer season as in Summer season my combination skin gets in oily phase and I need it to reduce the oiliness in my face. But during Rainy & Winter season it would make my skin dry as my skin tends to get dry.

Pros of the Product :

  •  All its claims are true.
  • The presence of Citron makes it a very good face wash for oily and combination(during summers) skinned beauties, as it is an astringent.
  • It deeply cleans my skin, leaving it fresh, oil-free and glowing.
  • Tiny scrub particles, scrub your face mildly making it a daily scrub.
  • It is cost effective.
  • One tube lasts for 2 months easily, even if it is used twice a day.
  • On regular usage it reduces the formation of zits.
  • Its hygienic to use, since it comes in a tube packaging.
  • Presence of natural ingredients makes it eco-friendly and your skin will love it.
  • Cons of the Product :

  • Though it acts as a mild scrub, it is not effective enough to remove blackheads. You have to use a blackhead removing scrub alongwith it.
  • It is not suitable for dry and combination(during winter/rainy seasons) skinned beauties.
  • Apart from these, I didn't have any problem with this face wash.

    Final verdict : Himalaya Herbals Oil Balancing Face Wash is a very good face wash for oily skinned beauties  and combination skinned beauties(during summer season) as it gives a squeaky clean finish to your face leaving it smooth and glowing. The presence of Citron which is an astringent makes it a very good face wash to reduce oiliness and zits in your face. It is pocket friendly and one tube easily lasts for 2 months. The presence of natural ingredients makes it eco-friendly and your skin would love it. I would recommend this to oily skinned beauties and combination skinned beauties during summer season as the skin tends to get oily in this season.

    Rating : 4.5/5

    Please drop in your comments and let me know, which face wash suits you best?



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