Highlands Reserve Golf Community: Great Golf Holiday in Orlando

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Highlands Reserve Golf Community: Great Golf Holiday in Orlando

Swing your mighty golf clubs and have a game of a lifetime through Orlando’s top golf course community called Highlands Reserve. Located in Davenport, Highlands Reserve is catapulted as one of the most visited and most rented Orlando golf course community. The place maintains its heaven-like scenery which makes this an in-demand venue for golfers. The vast surroundings are lined with pine trees and citrus tree, giving you a sense of serenity upon gazing over the place. For sure, Highlands Reserve Davenport is a center of fun and recreation to golfers on different ages.

Highlands Reserve: A Haven for Tournaments

Do you want to host golf tournaments along with your clan, workmates, or friends?  Imagine a scenic golf course with all the facilities provided for you. Well, stop imagining, for it will come into reality. Yes, Highlands Reserve is the best haven for your upcoming plan. What does Highlands Reserve Davenport guarantee?

  • Since the golf course is very wide, it can accommodate a minimum of 24 players until 100 golfers.
  • It ensures a hundred per cent friendly accommodations. The staff can provide help for you, such as pairings and scoreboards.
  • Are you not good enough? Bring out the best golfer in you for Highlands Reserve Davenport conducts golf tutorials. You are better taken cared by # 1 golf instructors that can adapt to all skill levels. There is also complete equipment for golf practice to prepare for the upcoming games that you will play.
  • Feed yourself with a fine dining at Highlands Reserve Golf Club’s Snack Bar. It is not a mere café, but a lavish restaurant serving you several delightful cuisines such as hams, turkeys, and steaks. Make this snack bar your next destination after the exhilarating golf play!
  • Highlands Reserve Pro Shop is equipped with golf gears and garments that you can purchase as a memento or a gift to your loved one. They offer only the best signature sports brands. You may also avail the gift certificates from this shop. Highlands Reserve Pro Shop opens 7:00 am 10 6:00 pm daily.
  • Getting thirsty during a golf tournament? Don’t worry; there is a Beverage Cart that sells what you need to quench your thirst and to reenergize you. You may choose from the sodas, sports drinks, beers, and assorted liquors. There are also sweets, and fruit nuts for sale.

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