Herb rosemary fight anemia and strokes

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Herb rosemary fight anemia and strokes
Rosemary plant has many names it names Gravel chewing gum Hashish Arabs Nada Sea Arctic plants Herb Compass Rose Marie Known in the Maghreb, or b Alyazar Alazar Scientific name: Ros marinus oficinalis Name in English Rosemary Description of the plant Herbaceous plant of the species Cvujat, a perennial herb reaches a height of one meter to two meters. Smell like the smell of camphor. Cultivation: Suitable planting rosemary in the garden or open space inside the house in the balcony or terrace at any The medical part of the plant All parts of air Active substances: Plant contains volatile oil and the most important compounds of this oil, camphor, and Alcamvin, and Alsceniol and Albornjul, also contains such Flavonyat Diosameen and Alabijnin. Acid and tannins and turbines, such as bilateral and Bkrosalven Agoesarsen Alrosmarinek acid, tannin and Jamad. The herb also contains turpentine and materials holding and killers cramps, and some doping substances to the nerves, and other income-yellow and the urine and menstruation. The original home of the plant Mediterranean, but grown in many countries of the world. Medical uses Alzheimer's disease and to improve memory: Rosemary contains substances effective anti-oxidant such as acid Alrozamanik (Rosmanic acid) and some other compounds that inhibit or prevent the breaking crash of the chemical the brain that cause Alzheimer's breakup events Methods of use for rosemary Internally: An emulsifier for Makrah and epileptic seizures and the recovery from fever, anemia, weakness of nerves and strikes menopause and pain of menstruation, and to get rid of headaches, and the Lmchklat nerve, and the treatment of epilepsy, dizziness and raise blood pressure somewhat, and to address mild depression Is used as follows: One teaspoon per cup of hot water covered with ten minutes and then drink Is used to massage the scalp hair Boukasth. Externally Aromatic rosemary oil Used externally to the following: Guides muscle pain Strengthens the memory Helps to relieve headaches, tension and stress Pomade for rheumatism Eczema, bruises and wounds And antibacterial Neuralgia As recent studies have demonstrated the importance of this plant is wrapped Muslim physician Ibn Al-Bitar says about this ancient plant that: Leader of urine and menstrual Analyzes the wind Opening shot of the liver and spleen Lung Refines and benefit from palpitations, asthma, cough And that the fishermen in Andalusia they used to put him in the middle of fishing after the output is in his gut Fimnah that it speeds up the rotten and worm
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