Health Benefits of Golf

Posted on Nov 2 2011 at 03:49:11 PM in Travel

The best kind of exercise is the kind where you don’t realise that you’re actually doing exercise at all. A lengthy trip round a museum or art gallery can mean walking for a good few miles without realising it. Likewise, a hectic day at the office can see you sprinting between cubicles, completely oblivious to the hundreds of calories you’re burning off. Golf is much like these activities in that it’s also a covert calorie-burner, but has other benefits too. You’d actually be surprised by how much good golf can do for your health; so much, in fact, that a weekend playing golf can be comparable to the benefits of going on one of the many spa breaks in England.


If you warm up correctly for a golf swing, not only do you save yourself from all of the obvious risks, but you also ensure that you make the most out of your muscular movements and stretches. Stretching muscles that are seldom used not only feels good, but preserves your flexibility, dexterity and agility even into old age. Don’t, however, expect to emerge from a couple of years of golf with rippling muscles, but do expect your muscles to at least be more toned than the average person’s.


As mentioned above, a game of golf can involve walking for miles without realising, due to the plentiful amount of stops and breaks that are typically involved in the game. With proper hydration, you can expect to be able to keep up this steady pace of walking and swinging for the good part of a day. Whilst your heart isn’t exactly going to be pumping to burst, it will be pumping at a faster tempo than usual, which is great for its health as well as for burning off those calories.


An overlooked aspect of golf that concerns your general welfare, rather than just your bodily health, is the social aspect of the game. Sure, you can make plenty of friends playing golf, but many people aren’t aware that increased levels of social interaction stimulates a higher flow of endorphins, which are pleasant hormones that make you happier, as well as promoting a longer lifespan. Staying in a UK golf hotel can be an alternative to traditional health breaks that’s just as healthy!

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