Hay Rack Window Boxes Ideal Planters For Apartment Dwellers

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Apartment dwellers and people living in small homes or rentals without enough space can still experience the joy of container gardening. Container gardening is evidently growing as roughly almost 50 percent of American homes use container gardening one way or another. Window boxes are considered the most fashionable type of plant containers. They're are best for containing plants while adding curb appeal to any home. As the selection of styles and materials has increased over the past years, homeowners can choose the best materials and styles to match their taste and house design.

Hay rack window boxes, also known as window baskets and hayrack liners, turn your apartment into an English country cottage. Typically, the wrought iron frames lined with straw. Today as technologies change, we use coconut coir liners because it offers superior strength and ability to keep the soil moisten as requirements of your plants. Each hayrack window planter can be direct-mounted to your wall with pre-drilled holes on the back. You can also hang these window baskets from deck rails for a dramatic effect on your patio.

English Garden Window Basket

English Garden Window Baskets are made with flat steel bar and were inspired by the simple mountain cottages whose window frames were accentuated with beautiful, seasonal flowers and greenery. The stylish steel bars are protected with a black powder coating to enhance its resistance against the elements. The coconut liner is perfectly molded to fit the trough and is held together with natural tree sap to support growth of plants.

Scroll Window Basket

Scroll Top Window Baskets make a great ornament to any home and office. Usually these are compost of wrought iron bars and coco liners. Just add soil and your favorite flowers to bring beauty and color to almost any surface.

Mariposa Window Basket

Mariposa Hayrack Window Basket is also best option for container gardening and used to embellish balcony railings, patio, porch and window sills. If you order this online it comes with coir liner and pre-drilled holes for simple installation.

Carolina Window Basket

Deeper and wider, Carolina Window Baskets take the adaptation of the classic window basket one step further. With an elegant round bar construction and combining it with a flat black powder coated finish have created a style that is steeped in the tradition of the south. Dimension and sizes can be modified to fit the warmer coastal climate of the south and purposely made beds to be deeper and larger to retain moisture longer.

Shea's Heart Hayrack

Shea's Heart Hayrack Window Baskets are wider and taller than our other standard window baskets to give you more room to plant your favorite flowers. Made of solid heavy gauge coated steel with a black plastic coating this Shea's Heart Hayrack Window Basket will provide years of colorful enjoyment. Includes molded coir liner and mounting hooks.

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