Happy life and nature - Ginkgo tree experience

Posted on Oct 11 2011 at 06:49:17 AM in Religion & Spirituality

Happy life and nature - Ginkgo tree experience

Happy life consists of many ingredients – experiences we have been gathering throughout the years. Like honey-bees while making honey. Some of them are totally unique and come just once in a life time, others could be repeated again and again. But open for God, the more Love flows through our bodies and the greater happiness is when it occurs.

Nature is one of the most important factors for our physical and spiritual health, for a happy life, and, as shown from my recent experience with a Ginkgo tree, could also be a strong mediator for our connection with God.

Last week I went to the city’s central park where there are 2 medium size – around 12 m high – ginkgo trees. I leaned my back against one of them and stayed 10-12 minutes with closed eyes. my Sahasrara chackra immediately opened widely and the vibration started to gradually increase more and more. shortly I almost lost my physical body – the state I reached was similar to one, after hours advanced kriya, and it lasted for a long time. This is by far the highest ever vibration experienced with plant.

Since then I visit the trees for several minutes each time I go to the city. The “silent lovers” are always ready to give and make happy unconditionally.

And for those practicing Kriya Yoga, if you have Ginkgo trees in your neighborhood, take the chance and go to the trees BEFORE your Kriya Yoga session. There is a big difference in the quality, which could be compared with a biker going downhill and uphill.

Use the natural “boosters” to facilitate happiness in your life.

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