Handicapped Scholarships – For Specific and General Disabilities

Posted on Apr 19 2012 at 05:51:04 PM in Education

You will be surprised to learn that there are a considerable number of handicapped scholarships just to help the handicapped students fulfill their academic dreams. Since handicap is a general term, you need to find specific scholarship program in case of precise physical or mental problems. However, you can also find many fields of education covered under the general term and perhaps you might find the right financial assistance also. The technique of winning any scholarship lies in the application process.


You need to apply putting forward your qualifications and achievements that can impress the panel members. The decision of the panel members is the most important thing and whether you are going to win the award money or not depends on that. So, try to find out the intention of the sponsor behind funding handicapped students. This will help you focus on the achievements that can attract the panel members choosing you as the best and most suitable candidate for the scholarship. Always remember that you have to apply keeping in mind the perspective of the panel if you have the intention to win.


Handicapped scholarships are sponsored by colleges and universities as well as by private sources of funding also. There are many private and non profit organizations, foundations and even individuals who support handicapped students who deserve the financial back up to complete their studies. Acquiring higher education is difficult and expensive for majority of the students regardless of whether they are handicapped or normal. Things become all the more difficult for handicapped students when the topic of funding comes forward. So, if you know someone or you need financial assistance and you are handicapped as well, look for scholarships designed for such students.


No matter how you receive the money through handicapped scholarships, you need to provide proof for your particular handicap. Paperwork and documents are involved when you apply for scholarships designed for handicapped students. Fill out the rest of the application form and attach the documents required in support of the handicap you claim. Apply successfully and confidently so that you have enhanced chances of winning the award money.

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