Guys, You Want Lip Gloss?

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In a time when it seems we have to be PC about being PC, is it just a case of political correctness gone haywire?  This writer for one does not advocate that there should be any discrimination between the sexes but do we all really still need to be legislated over equality in everything we do?


In Vegas, all the stores, malls, resorts, bars, clubs and casinos have over the decades offered some form of loyalty bonus or sign up deal for the “Players Club”.   Offer and reward goes hand in hand with building up that all important brand loyalty.  We has individuals are free to pick and choose which deals we want or don’t want as the case may be.  “Yeah, so what’s changed”, I hear you ask?


One company in a bid to increase its awareness and profile and to attract more women, with their own Loyalty Rewards program has kind of fallen foul to the PC Police!


Golden Gaming, owners of PT Taverns and some casinos launched a reward program aimed at solely at women; it is intended to make women feel more welcome in a traditionally male-dominated environment. That makes its endgame somewhat different from the usual ladies’ night event, in which bar owners hope to draw men who will spend money — much of it on the assembled women.


Vegas has built its reputation somewhat on its scantily dressed women, servers, bar and casino staff, to ladies’ night promotions and subsidized nightclub entry fees for women — a win-win scenario for the women who take advantage of such discounts and the men they draw as a result.


“We have a great gaming program that many people don’t know about,” said Christopher Abra

ham, vice president of marketing for Golden Gaming. “Women typically don’t see it very much because they don’t visit taverns that often and when they do, they typically don’t gamble.”


The group turned to their female employees, bar staff and customers to help them tailor the specific reward plan and make it attractive to women.


“I don’t know what a woman wants as much as a woman knows what a woman wants,” Abraham said.


 Goodbye unisex but typically male orientated freebies — the T-shirts, tumblers and coolers local casinos typically distribute to customers. Hello to Marc Jacobs sunglasses, DKNY purses, Sephora cosmetics, and gift certificates for pedicures and yoga classes.


Last month, the company hosted weekly parties for female customers at one of its Las Vegas bars. The event seemed less of a typical scene at a bar and more of a salon experience, with makeup artists, massages therapists and manicurists on hand to pamper customers amid servings of cosmopolitans and pink grapefruit cocktails.


The company’s all-female focus groups will advise on future events and rewards, which will be changed every few months, Abraham said.


So like I already said, I don’t and probably the vast majority of people don’t have an issue with this, we are free to make our choices and join whatever and wherever the reward programs that interest us.  Well, it’s not that simple……..apparently we need legislation to guide us and the Secret Reward Program has fallen foul of a new piece of legislature!


The rewards program launched days after state lawmakers passed legislation clarifying Nevada’s anti-discrimination law to allow ladies’ night-type offers and other business promotions that specifically target women.


The law reiterates that sex discrimination in the workplace and places of public accommodation are illegal. Supporters say the law was intended to recognize that a presumably profitable business promotion that also benefits women, unlike a harmful policy formulated at the expense of women, does not rise to the level of a constitutional violation.


The program was in the works well before the change to state law, which didn’t factor into Golden Gaming’s plans, Abraham said.


It’s an equal access program: Men can sign up for the program and earn points toward a tube of lip gloss or an evening bag, too.


“If you’re a guy and you really want a purple rewards card, we’re not going to stop you.”

Mmmmm, what happened to freedom of choice? 

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