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Posted on Dec 16 2012 at 11:53:19 AM in Books

Review of Karmic Management: What Goes Around Comes Around In Business and Your Life by Geshe Michael Roach, Lama Christie McNally, and Michael Gordon. About The Book: Karmic Management is a wonderful book. I loved reading it and came away feeling inspired and creative. It is a small book, capable of being read in an hour or so. Yet its size can be deceiving. If you go deeply into its message, Karmic Management just might turn your entire worldview inside out. My favorite part is ‘loading the stapler’. The authors ask you to imagine a scene where you take a stapler from your desk and walk over to a co-worker. You hand them the stapler and ask them if it works. They look at you a bit oddly, put a piece of paper in the stapler and push it down. If the paper is stapled, the stapler works. If not, then it doesn’t. The results are immediate and self-evident. A loaded stapler works; an empty one does not. The authors go on to say that when you need a stapler you don’t put energy into figuring out if you should use the blue one or the red one. You just use a stapler. It’s the results you care about not the color and style of the stapler. The same principle applies to real life business success. When you need results, go right for the proven techniques and don’t mess around with non-essential details. According to the authors, the proven techniques for creating business and personal success are working for the success of others. They encourage us to maintain a truly generous attitude all day, every day. This is the way to ‘load our staplers’ They tell us to take time to take care of our suppliers, co-workers, and even competitors. To truly work to see them prosper is the way to our own success. This is the best way to load our own staplers. Working longer hours, deciding to use internet marketing or print ads, or trying to get ahead of the competition all misunderstand the real causes of success or failure. You might be saying “Yeah right. It would be nice if the world worked that way but that’s just not practical.” The authors counter this point by flatly contradicting it. They say working for the success of others is the only thing that ever brings a person success. They talk about working at the “is real rather than the seems real” level of cause and effect. It’s like we are gardening. Every act of kindness, generosity, and abundance each of us does is planting a seed to see that act flower into a future time when we receive kindness, generosity or abundance. Each seed takes time to germinate and grow. Our attitudes and motivation matter. Continuing to be kind and generous fosters the growth of these seeds until they flourish into life experiences of prosperity, happiness, and success. I agree with the authors. How am I applying the principles? One way is to offer my work to you. You can call it a Holiday present, a giveaway, or a self-serving act to create more abundance in my world. Contact me before the 1st of the Year through and receive 3 free parent coaching sessions. This is my gift to you planting seeds to be my gift to myself flowering into prosperity for all of us. I invite you to try the principles of Karmic Management. The worst thing that can happen is that you bring more kindness and caring into the world. You can always go back to the old way.

About the author: Kassandra Brown is a mompreneur starting her parent coaching business as a gateway for prosperity to flow into her family through work that she values and loves. Her coaching takes place over the phone and Skype and is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

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