Guest Blogging: A Advertising Approach to Marketing

Posted on Dec 6 2012 at 12:53:20 PM in Entrepreneurship

Just to clarify i want to make sure that everyone here is on the same wavelength so in this blog post i will not only talk about how guest blogging can be used to advertise your business and increase traffic to your website thus increasing the amount of visitors to it, but also define the term and to the best of my ability provide a clear understanding as to what exactly it is about. In order to do this you must first understand how Google (since its the biggest search engine) ranks web properties/webpages. This is done by page rank and traffic rank. ALEXA RANK This is a website that rates website’s based on how much traffic/hits they receive on a daily basis. The lower the traffic rank the better it is as it means that the website is receiving a lot of human traffic. For example, Google has an Alexa Rank of 1 which means it is the number 1 most visited site on the face of the planet! Facebook 2, youtube 3, pinterest 38 and so on and so forth. So the more visitors you receive to your website per day the lower your traffic number goes down and this is what determines your Search engines, more importantly, Google Page Rank. PAGE RANK Now as seen above the lower the traffic rank the better for your website and the more visitors your webpage receives the higher it moves up in the search engines. So if your webpage was on the 19 page on Google it goes to the 2nd because it is now receiving a lot of page views/hits/traffic coming into it on a regular basis. Oh this is important. It has to be a consistent flow of traffic. Not one day 2thousand visitors and the next day 12, Google will notice this and flag your site and maybe spammy, illegal or just simply remove it all together (which is rare but happens). Web property or a webpage is rank from 0-10 where the higher the page rank the better. Example, Google has a Page Rank of 10, Facebook 9, Youtube 3. Page Rank Determines the Authority of your web property. Just like how the amount of degrees and work experience determines your Rank and thus authority in society on the internet its all to do with Page Rank. GUEST BLOGGING Guest Blogging therefore is when a person who does not own the website wants to post content on another person’s website as a Guest thus the term “Guest Blogging”. This content can be an article post or video depending on what the website owner allows you to do. Now why post on someone else’s website when you can just use your own blog? Simple. They have a LOWER Traffic Rank and a HIGHER Page rank than you do. So lets say that you are in the Health and Fitness niche (which is HUGE online) and you come across a blog that has a PR (page rank) of 5 (which is really good for a blog) and a traffic or alexa rank of 2,852 meaning its the 2 thousand 8 hundred and Fifty 2nd most visited website on the web! Meaning it gets a tone of visitors coming into it everyday. So you have a health product that you are selling to help women lose weight for example. And you come across this website that is all about health and exercising. All you do is simply contact the owner of the blog and requesting to post information about your product on there. Most bloggers have rules you have to abid by but nothing serious. Mostly rules like your post should be of high quality and readable, provide value, be clear, not spammy with promotion links all over the article/blog post and the like. Here is an example of a PR 6 site you can guest post on: I have taken the liberty of creating a pdf with a few guest blogging sites with their traffic rank next to each one to save you the time of searching for your own. And if you do not happen to like my personal websites then here is a list of about 50 other guest blogging sites that have even been categorized for you List of 50 guest blogging sites or List of 80+ Guest Blogging Websites (To get the live links go to HOWEVER!!! There is a way that you could own your own high PR low traffic rank blog where you can advertise anything you want to.
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