Green Tea Side Effects

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Green Tea Side Effects

so in the last few posts we have spoken about Green Tea Weight Loss and Green Tea Benefits. Now what about Green Tea Side Effects? Does green tea possess some health risks or other side effects?


Based upon studies, and since it contains caffeine, generally green tea side effects can be related to this material. Yes it is not as filled as coffee is with caffeine (it is known to hold half the amount), but it still contains some of the annoying health effects of caffeine on the human body. Some of the bad effects of caffeine are increasing heart rate, irregular heartbeats, dizziness, headache, vomiting, loss of appetite, ringing in ears, sleeplessness problems, upset stomach, pregnancy and breastfeeding hazards, anxiety, energy boosts (which can be positive). (For a summary of the benefits, check out our article on Green Tea Benefits) It is also found through few studies that Tea and also Green Tea can inhibit absorption of some nutrients such as iron and vitamin B. Kidney stones can also be a worry for Green Tea drinkers as it contains oxalic acid which can cause kidney stones.


Are there substitutes? sure! one of them is supplements! You can always use supplements made out of green tea which do not contain caffeine. But be careful not to overdose! You might want to be careful in protecting your liver using supplements. As for people having sensitive stomach, you can add milk and sugar (if you like that). For also better safe usage, try to drink green tea right after it’s prepared but after it slightly cools down, and make sure that is one hour before or after meals. Drinking 2 cups a day can be fine for pregnancy and breastfeeding.


In short, and as is the case with other useful matters, green tea is generally safe, but when used moderately, do not get carried away with weight loss or too much health benefits! 3 to 4 cups a day is your upper limit. Weight loss vs health loss cannot be compared, and of course losing weight the right way ..  is the best way!


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