Great Concept Of How Apple Would Hit The Photography Market

Posted on Nov 27 2011 at 01:12:33 PM in Electonics

We only very recently learned that Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and CEO for the majority of its existence, sought to revolutionize the consumer electronics market in three key areas.TV was the first, with Siri integration hotly-rumored to be an associated act with any future iTV developments.
Secondly, he wanted to change the way students and knowledge-seekers searched and read textbooks, with a possibly Newsstand or iBooks-like app.
The other key area – something the fruit company has already tapped into somewhat, was the photography industry. Capitalizing on the success of the iPhone’s snapper, he sought to make Apple a truly-recognized option for amateur and professional photographers alike.
Inevitably, ADR Studios, a design and communications company, has thrown up a concept – based on the purported iPhone 5 specs – of what the Cupertino outfit could have in store if the latter of Jobs’ three wishes were ever to reach fruition.
Dubbed the iCam, it takes into consideration those iPhone 5 features we thought (and still hope) will eventually materialize, and plays on the idea of Apple releasing a separate peripheral to truly bring the next smartphone installment on par with the Nikon and Canon devices heading the market jailbreak iphone 3gs.

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