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Posted on Oct 4 2011 at 10:49:51 AM in Higher Education

GPIS is excited to announce the creation of a blog hosted and maintained by GPIS @   This blog will consist of op/ed pieces written by GPIS students concerning any current event issue that pertains to International Studies.  This is not intended to be a “personal experience” blog, but rather a blog that discusses international developments that are relevant to the varying fields of study that GPIS engages in.  Many university programs have blogs whose primary contributors are graduate students.  (ODU has one for its Biology department.)  The GPIS blog is intended to offer not only a forum for scholarly discussion, but also offer valuable experience to the qualifications and marketability of their graduates.  For international studies, there are various paid blogger positions that require an advanced degree in the field along with prior blogging experience.  This would be an avenue for you to attain this experience and would add the line of web publication/guest blogger to your Resume/CV. Anyone wishing to post on the GPIS blog, should send a copy of their post to for approval.  Because this blog is affiliated with not only the Graduate Program in International Studies, but also ODU, all posts must be professional by nature.  Opinion pieces are more than welcome, please just be sure that they are in no way offensive to anyone’s race, religion, sexual orientation, etc… as these things will prohibit your pieces from being posted.  In addition, it should be obvious that ad hominem attacks, profanity, vulgarity and rudeness will not be tolerated.  Mutual Respect and sensitivity towards those with opposing views is essential. This blog is also capable of hosting images and videos.  If you come across (or take yourself) an interesting image or video please feel free to submit them for posting with a few words about why you think this image or video represents an interesting aspect of International Studies.  Finally, this blog is intended to stimulate discussion about the many interesting and exciting facets of International Studies that we, as a program, are engaged in.  This is designed to be a place for our graduate students to express their opinions and engage in scholarly dialogue about them with their peers.  Happy Blogging!
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