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Posted on Jan 3 2013 at 07:00:45 AM in Electonics

GoPro is a leading brand of small, wearable, durable, waterproof and shockproof camera or camcorders like helmet cameras. The helmet cameras are used in adventure photography and have been a favorite camera for use in the filming of the inside of the mouths of various exotic animals like sharks, alligators and polar bears. It currently weighs 3.3 oz but if the waterproof housing and other attachments are added it would weigh 6 oz. The brand GoPro is owned by Woodman Labs, which is based in Half Moon Bay, California. Nick Woodman formed woodman Labs in 2002, with the intention of producing a camera system that would be able to capture some desired professional angles. Thus 'GoPro' brand of cameras and mounts was born. 


HD HERO2 Professional camera has a good image sensor of 11 Megapixels, improved low-light capability and can record up to 120 frames per sec (in WVGA only). HD HERO 960 can shoot up to 960p video (maximum). It is incompatible with GoPro's electronic accessories but this camera is compatible with all mounts offered by GoPro. HD HERO Naked can shoot a maximum of 1080p video and is compatible with other electronic accessories that can be purchased separately. The accessories for sale are 3D HERO System, Battery BacPac and LCD BacPac. There are other products based on the Naked camera line like the HD Surf HERO, HD Helmet HERO and HD Motorsports HERO. The Digital HERO 5 has a still photo sensor (5 megapixel), and supports standard definition video capture (640480). It uses two AAA batteries, an internal memory of 16MB, and could work well with a 2GB SD card. The Digital HERO 3 has a 3-megapixel camera and can shoot standard definition video (512384). The GoPro HERO 35mm is an all-season sports camera, which has a dimension of 2.5 X 3 inches and weighs 0.45 pounds. It is often dubbed as a durable "reusable wrist camera". It comes with a roll of Kodak 400 film (24 exposures).


The GoPro Mounting System is composed of tough plastic parts and is joined together using a comb joint, nut and bolt. The Handlebar Seatpost Mount is designed to be used on mountain bikes. The mount can be attached to any circular tube that has a diameter of 0.75-1.4 inch. The mount comes with a long and short 90 degree arm for more flexibility when mounting. The Roll Bar Mount has a similar design to that of the Handlebar Seatpost Mount. This mount is specially designed to be clamped on to circular tubes with diameters of 1.4-2.5 inch that are typical of those that can be found in most roll bars of many sports cars. The Chest Mount Harness (Chesty) is the largest mount of GoPro. It is designed to be used on human body and can provide a good chest eye view. The mount can also be used on dogs and other animals. 


The use of GoPro cameras have already branched out from the original users like the surf crowd. In this GoPro review, we find that their cameras are now the preferred camera used in bicycling, auto racing and skiing as new adapters are introduced. The reputation of GoPro is unbeatable when it comes to top quality cameras and mounts.

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