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Posted on Aug 3 2011 at 04:53:37 AM in News & Media

The day if finally here! I am on Google+! With all of it’s circle-y goodness along with huddles and hangouts, Google+ has been hyped more than the Google Chrome Book. Some say it is the next generation of social media, some say that it will flop next week. I say…Eh. Expect another review from me later on about Google+. Right now: Enjoy this overview of this new social media giant.

So far Google+ is a great new tool to socially connect with your friends and network with people with similar interests or in your industry. It has a great interface that is simple to use and seamless. They have circles, which is a great way to categorize friends and acquaintances into groups. You can post to your stream just like you can on a Facebook wall except you can choose to share certain things with certain circles (beat that Facebook!).

Google has this chatroom like feature called Hangouts which facilitates group video chats. This only allows up to 10 people

participating and shows their screens as almost thumbnails under your larger video above.

Huddles are a feature for the iPhone or Android mobile applications. This allows you to communicate with circles through instant messaging.

Google now also allows for instant uploads. This allows for instant photo or video uploads from any Android device to your Google+ account. This may sound annoying but Google+ uploads it to a private folder so you can choose to share content later.

The biggest thing that Google+ has to offer right now is integration. It integrates with your other Google web applications like Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Documents. This centralizes everything INCLUDING your social media now.

Overall Google+ is not ready yet. Yes it is popular (2 million users in 2 weeks!) but because of the invite only policy not all of your friends are on it. Sure some or maybe most of them are on Google+, but your used to everyone having a Facebook page…EVERYONE. But this also has a bright side: Google+ is more intimate. You can actually post something to your wall and you know your Ant Fifi wont be looking at it.

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