Google Gmail Makeover

Posted on Dec 12 2011 at 05:22:46 PM in Computers & Internet

The Google designers have been flatout lately, they’ve done some serious make-overs on everything from Analytics control panels to Youtube. Smack in the middle of all of this is the make-over Gmail has had bashed into it, and many punters aren’t happy. This clean new look Google is garnishing everything with makes everything look a little less, infact all of the Google products that have undergone make-overs now offer more, including Gmail. While your getting yourself accustomed to the new sleek white n grey Google, rest assured that under the hood things just got a heap better, faster and smarter. The way your emails sit on the page – squashed or stretched – is now much more fluid, Comfortable for larger monitors or Compact for eBooks and Tablet PCs. M★C  READ MORE

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Created: Dec 12 2011 at 05:22:46 PM
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