Good for the environment, good for your health

Posted on May 22 2012 at 01:04:57 PM in Health

Good for the environment, good for your health

Like most of us I have ventured into many public restrooms. I will admit that this is not my favorite pastime by any means, but when we have to go……well you know the rest. A public washroom should have all the basic necessities, but without soap and paper the whole experience can get very questionable. While I realize that portable restrooms are only designed for a short time, even the new portable toilets are coming fully equipped. While I am thinking about restroom accessories let me touch on some of these dyson hand dryers I see around the place, a great way to save on paper products.


Whatever we do in our life we should always keep good hygiene in mind. It is so easy to spread germs that if our health & safety is not our priority then it will only be a matter of time before we end up with some disastrous disease. Visiting the rest rooms we have found that the people who take care of the sanitation are not always on top of it, which may be due to the fact that they are not properly trained on matters  about health and hygiene. Washing your hands and using one of the airblade hand dryers before you leave the facility is the best way to avoid spreading germs.


It might be surprising if anyone were to discover that some people may have turned to Dyson to be used at home, but then again, why should it? All bathrooms are the same and although the vanities may differ between bathrooms, the requirements are no different. The bathroom design that you choose should not be based on some particular criteria and if a dyson air blade hand dryer can keep your paper cost down and the germs from spreading, then so be it.

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