Golfing Holidays In The UK

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I had never really been one for golf, but that was until I tried to play it and realised how difficult it was. It is not a sport that translates onto the television – when you try to watch it on the screen you get no conception of the required accuracy and the skill involved – but then when I tried to play the game I realised how unbelievably difficult it was. It is so hard that there is a handicap system involved so that anybody can play with anybody, otherwise it just wouldn’t be possible. This is kind of the same with football, but because it is a team sport, the quality of the team is always an average between the abilities of the worst player and the best player, which means the playing field is rather levelled. However good at football one is, it is very difficult to score a goal on your own because there are eleven people trying to stop you and so the best way around them is to pass and move. But this means that your team mates must have comparable skills, and this isn’t always the case. With golf there are no obstacles except your own psychological flaws, so in that sense it is more comparable to tennis. I love tennis, but it is easy to undermine oneself with thoughts.
          I grew up in the UK but because I have always been so obsessed with football, I’ve never really given much thought to other sports. This is a bit ridiculous really, because if I had taken the time to explore my own country then I would have realised that the UK boasts some of the greatest golf courses on the planet. We invented the sport – like most sports – so I really should have taken the time to get good at it, especially as you can go on a golfing holiday with your mates and prove your instinctual ability to calculate angles in the blink of an eye. If you are a golf fan and thinking of going on a golfing holiday, then the UK is the place to head. You can get UK golf holiday deals by googling UK golf hotels and then perusing the various options available, which will no doubt include some ridiculous deals that mean you can enjoy this wonderful sport and also save money.

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