God bless the men and women of the US Military

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God bless the men and women of the US Military

Monday May 28th 2012 is the day that veterans all across America will be acknowledged for their service in wars for the protection of America and its interests. Memorial day is the day that politicians come out of the woodwork to show their commitment to the men and women and their families for the time they offered into putting their lives in harms way and of course we must not forget the opportunity to put a serious spin on the wars that we have since encountered and the ones that we could possibly face in the future. This is the time that the Liberals make their promises to end the wars and bring our men and women back home, as the Conservatives attempt to show their strength by promising a stronger military and a stronger United States of America.


I have always had the deepest respect for anyone choosing membership in the military, in fact, other than the police or fire departments, this arm of the government could be the one that offers the most political hurdles to cross. Americans have not always been appreciative of the service that our men and women on the front lines provide and that could have been seen during the Vietnam era and the way they were treated. These days we see a different reaction for our returning defenders and that could be due to the fact that we are facing a different enemy. There was much controversy for the Iraq war and the issue in Afghanistan is not much better, but if we want to deal with the main contributor then there should be a great awareness for the reasons why we have terrorism today. Be that as it may, our military is not filled through a draft process, in fact the benefits that the men and women receive for their service is hardly matched by any other service today. They are designed to encourage our defenders to sign up and become warriors. The United States Military is not for the faint of heart and is not intended for members who are just trying to obtain its benefits for nothing, there is a real possibility that your life will be changed (best case scenario) or you may not make it back at all. Do NOT sign up for the military if you are looking for a free ride, because this service will more than likely put you in harms way. That is why I respect the men and women who sign up for the military, because they know what they could be facing and they do it anyway, in fact, most of them will do whatever it takes to get the job done, regardless of the consequences.

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