Global Resorts Network Review, Is GRN A Luxury Opportunity Or A Scam?

Posted on Jul 16 2010 at 08:57:14 PM in Travel

Can Global Resorts Network (GRN) offer its affiliates an opportunity to live a life of luxury?


Do they really help people travel to luxurious resorts at incredible prices? Or is Global Resorts Network just another scam?


This Global Resorts Network review is intended to give you unbiased information about GRN. It will help you make an informed decision for yourself. By the way, I am not part of GRN in any way, shape, or form. Read on...

Global Resorts Network Review

Who wouldn't want to enjoy the most beautiful and romantic places in the world? And stay in luxury resort accommodations at mind boggling affordable prices? Global Resorts Network, GRN, is the network marketing company affiliated with Gold Crown Resorts. Gold Crown Resorts has been setting the benchmark for superior customer service and high quality accommodations for over two decades.


Today, Global Resorts Network offers members access to over 5000 luxury resorts worldwide. They continuously expand access to accommodations through leases, wholesale contracts, and purchases of resort inventory.

Global Resorts Network Management


GRN's leadership and staff are among the most experienced in the travel industry.


Alfonso (Al) H. Morales is the President and CEO of the company. He brings over 12 years of executive leadership and travel industry experience to the company.


Charles (Chuck) Tomlin is the Executive Vice President of Global Resorts Network. His professional experience includes over 20 years in the real estate development and management of large resort projects.

Global Resorts Network Membership


Global Resorts Network offers an affordable alternative to luxury travel. They provide Gold and Platinum travel membership plans. The Gold plan is a three year membership priced at $1495. The Platinum plan is a lifetime membership offered at $2995.


Membership allows you to book one week vacations on an availability basis. The week long vacations range in price from $299 to about $799. There is no limit to the vacation weeks you can book based on availability.


Stay at luxurious, 3, 4, and 5 star resorts with all the amenities you can imagine. High-end resorts with gorgeous bedrooms, big living rooms, full kitchens, and spacious balconies overlooking the ocean. Resorts that face world class golf courses or enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains. Each room can accommodate 4 to 6 people depending on location.


What would it normally cost a family of 4 or 6 to stay at a luxury resort without this plan?


Are you starting to see the value? And they offer you a business opportunity, if you are open to opportunity...


Global Resorts Network Opportunity


Global Resorts Network is a network marketing company based on the perpetual leverage compensation plan. In essence, it is a special perpetual one up plan through an infinite amount of levels.


Your first sale, which could be your personal membership purchase, is passed up to your sponsor. This qualifies your first level. After this qualifying sale you can receive $1000 on each sale and your sponsor or someone in your upline also receives $1000. This continues in a specific manor through unlimited levels. To completely understand the power of this type of compensation plan,


I recommend that you visit Global Resorts Network Compensation Plan Revealed. And remember, I am not part of this company.


Is Global Resorts Network the right opportunity for you?


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