Glass Handbag makes New York debut with Fashion invention

Posted on Nov 28 2011 at 11:30:56 AM in Design

Glass Handbag makes New York debut with Fashion invention

The luxury handbag designer Tamara Leuty, former New York fashion photographer, premiered her new product in New York the week of November 14th, 2011.  The recently invented handbag with the light panel built inside was a success in Manhattan.

The greatest accomplishment was a national TV appearance on Meredith National Media Group's "Better" show (Better.TV) on 11/18/2011.  The video can be found on the left and here:

The segment shows the function, design and style of the handbags created for every occasion.  Whether it be a Boss Lady for the professional, classic or large tote for every day, or the Emerald for the evening out, every occasion is covered by the variety of custom designed structured handbags.  There are even metal and jeweled clutches for the party in you.

The host of the Better show, Audra Lowe, loved the leather handbags with the new technology.  She chose keep the burnt orange snake embossed leather tote to lighten up her life.

The handbags took part in a high fashion photo shoot to show the style and function of the luxury leather handbags.  Fashion model, Lara, showed off the handbags in the subway and night street photos.  The leather handbags also made their way about town in a fashion shoot and showed up at all the customary New York locations.  (see pictures on the right).   The fashion meets function leather handbags are a needed addition to the handbag market; combining today's technology with a new generation of custom designed handbags.

The cast of the Today show gave their approval of the Emerald ; including Hoda, Ann and Matt.   Hoda even commenting "I can't believe this hasn't been done before". 

The entire Glass Handbag collection is comprised of handbags with a light panel built inside but without compromising the common function and fashion of a handbag.  These stylish "see inside" handbags combine function with style.

The designer lighted leather handbags by Glass Handbag are the next generation of purses.   The light system solves so many problems plaguing women for decades.  Their patented light system assures you will see the contents of your handbag at all times.   You will always find what you are looking for in a dark movie theatre, restaurant or street.  The patented system includes an automatic switch, open the handbag and the light turns on, close the handbag and the light turns off. 

This light panel is a flat, flexible, non-obtrusive, non-heat producing, and almost indestructible, running off common AAA batteries.  These high-end quality leather handbags are crafted by hand with the latest leather and metal technology and always structured with 5 feet, a unique must for Tamara Leuty designer of Glass Handbag.

Visit today to see the entire line of handbags with the built-in light panel system!


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