General Tips on Cleaning Stains

Posted on Mar 29 2012 at 01:32:58 AM in How-To

Different products are used for different stains. The ways of cleaning haven't changed much. Especially the simple ones, ones that we will be always able to perform with little supplies and with little effort, simple things. Here is a list of the some of the best tips for cleaning.

The tip number one is to be quick or be dead. At least this is how Iron Maiden puts things. But seriously, cleaning any stain is much easier when it's fresh. If the items you are about to clean are non-washable, take it to the dry cleaners as soon as possible. It increases the chances of a successful removal of the stain.

Do read the labels. Not just on the cleaning products but on the clothes as well. There are some products that can be used in a different way than the labels says, like lemon juice and Alka Seltzer pills, but these are a rare exception. Trying a strange, new product to wash your carpet, in order to save money from carpet cleaning prices can return to you at the cost of the entire carpet, if the product turns out to be harmful to it.

Test the products in an inconspicuous spot on the given item, to see how it will react, are there any backsides to it. Usually the discolouration is a straight give-away not to use this particular cleaner.

Another cleaning tip is to try, when possible, especially this regards to clothing, to remove the stains from the back or the inside of the fabric. As thin the clothes may seem, imagine if they were thicker, removing the stain by pushing it out the way it came is much easier than pushing it through the entire fabric.

Domestic cleaners London prohibit, for many safety reasons, mixing different cleaning agents. Mixing different chemicals can create certain reactions, from fumes, to toxins, which can be harmful to you, the surrounding environment, they can be flammable or even to ignite.

Also be patient – some stains take time to be removed. And always remember, that no matter how hard you try, some stains are permanent. So do not overdo something, just because you love that jacket or the pair of pants. Let it go.

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