Gardening Tips for April

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Gardening Tips for April

The sunny days are just starting. April is perfect for taking care of your garden in order to insure its growth and health. Plants are happy not only when you water them. They have some requirements when it comes to planting, pruning and fertilizing. Here are the main April gardening jobs that anyone dedicated to gardening should do.

Specialists providing gardening services throughout London will assure you that the first thing you should do before all the gardening, is dealing with the rubbish in the garden. Weed before you seed. Save some time removing full-grown weeds by exterminating them while they are just seeds.
Focus on preparing the garden for future growth. You will first need to provide the equipment needed: get baskets, pots, strings and compost. You cannot start without the tools and staples needed.

Gardening services London rely on prompt action and experience. Professionals would start from the lawn. Cold and frost in winter may have caused damage. Fertilize your lawn, too, it will benefit from a growth boost.

Spring is the planting season. If you want to have sweet juicy fruits in summer, plant fruit trees and berries.

April is ideal for planting flowers to add some colour to the green lawn. Gladioli, Lilies, and tulips are a good way to make your garden look more appealing to the eyes.

Prune bushes – rose bushes would enjoy being trimmed now as they will spruce flowers as soon as summer comes. Feed them with a balanced fertilizer. Spray them to avoid diseases and repel pests.

Garden care starts with some thoughtful planning of the plants and fruits that you would like to have in your yard. The next step is constant care and determination.

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