G8 Summit - Club of professional cover-up

Posted on May 31 2011 at 01:33:21 AM in Politics

G8 Summit - Club of professional cover-up


Should anyone beleive, that the new G-8 Summit expected this time from actual results or ideas, will be totally disappointed too. The 37th times invite the self-proclaimed Club Members to rendezvous France after, and since this event is primarily a media marketing of the actors themselves, this time the scenery on the north coast of Normandy, that is, Deauville, perfect pictures with the smiling faces of guarantee. The main actor, President Nicolas Sarkozy used in advance of the event, the media coverage for his campaign, since the current Poll Rating are in the basement. Furthermore, it is expected that the French are trying to be the case to reach a consensus on the renewal of IMF and the World population as a success for Europe to sell.

Only the question is asked, what purpose or what has actually legitimacy of the G8 or G-20 summit? The answer is simple – No Purpose and no Legitimacy. But, why do these self-appointed Club then underpin all to yourself ?

The G 8 Summit is only a pure PR event at the expense of taxpayers, like citizens. Because the rulers of the G8 countries can not rags, each of these meetings devours more than 100 million €. The real costs would be much higher, but are kept secret for security reasons.

Moreover, it is a sham, since these G-8 countries 13% of the world's population only (North America and Western Europe) but the biggest scandal here is quite different. These men and women present themselves as guardians of the financial world - and the world economy, and sell them as the only alternative to solve the problems of the future world. Exactly the opposite is the case - because this G-8 countries were the ones that only the financial, economic crisis and triggered and allows.


It is precisely the cause of the financial - and economic crisis present themselves as those who have everything under control and want to show the world where it's at. The only thing which all G-8 summit in the past shone, the issue of non-compliance of promises. Here are some examples. Help or payments to developing countries, Help or payments to the implementation of climate protection, Help and assistance or payments to Africa. To date, billions of Euros have been paid, although the G 8 of this Government always full and effective media have very promised very. So once again - been nothing other than expenses.




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