Freelance Scam: Internet Marketing is Not an Easy Job

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People will tell you anything, and when they can make a buck out of it, they will tell you everything that they can to get some money out of you. With the advent of the Internet, there has been an undoubted increase in communications and interaction, and this has had the sad side effect of the unscrupulous meeting the gullible. 
Not all freelance scams are simple to notice, and some are so delicately placed that you cannot actually blame them if you do not make money while freelancing for them. One such example that comes to mind is the area of Internet Marketing.  Recently, I have come across ads that has a person spend around 1200 INR, (roughly  $25) and they would get a 'Starter Kit' of some sort, which would put them on the superhighway of making money on the Internet. 
One finds these kinds of ads everywhere, and recently they reached FFS's mailbox.  The ad was the usual one which told us that we could make millions by just sitting at home and using guess what... "Google Adsense". We were quite amused by the idea and read on, only to find out that this was the basic idea given by the web page to the user: You will be getting a Blog (free website). You just have to register that website in Google by giving your name   and to  which   address you want your monthly cheque. Google will place number of ads in your site.  After that  every time the advertisement banner Google will pay you money. This is because  every time when the ad in your site is  clicked,   that  advertiser is getting one visitor to their site Now, if you are an old hand at the Internet, or even have some Internet Marketing websites, or basically are trying to make some money out of your blog, you must be having a quiet laugh, but the sad news is, at least one reader will actually be taken by the scam and part with their hard earned money to this organization. Here are five simple reasons that this type of 'work at home job' will never work for the lay person:
"Making Money from Adsense is a system": Yes, Google Adsense is one of the best ad networks out there, and some would even swear that they are making more money with Google Adsense than other ad networks. But we forget that the ad we see up is worded in such a way that ignores or fails to introduce the reader to several aspects, like:
"The Blog": Quite simply put, making money with a Internet website depends on the traffic that your website generates. That traffic depends on the niche or type of blog that you are making. And believe us, it's not as simple as it has been described above. Making a blog, running it, and updating it is a fun job, but is not for everyone and certainly not for anyone who is looking for some casual work at home job. It is as exhaustive as it is fun and addictive and its something that not everyone is cut out to be. 
"Updating and Running the Blog": A typical blog takes up around three to four hours of a person who has actually started a blog of which he or she is a subject matter expert. After that, there's the search engine optimization, there's the link building, there's the article submission, etc etc. A blog works only when it has something of value to add to the life of the blog reader, then that can be information, humor, entertainment, anything that only that particular blog can offer in that particular style. Do you think a layman can do this?
"Search Engine Optimization": Any tries to make money from a website today requires at least some kind of SEO knowledge. SEO is not simple, and it takes at least three to four years for a person to actually understand what SEO is. Then again, SEO isnt everyone's cup of tea, some can do it and some cannot do it. It's simply like one person can be a doctor and another can be only a musician. You cannot force the doctor to be a musician and the musician to be the doctor!
"Time": Two years is the minimum timeframe that any blog or website actually begins giving some returns on investment to the person who has begun the site or the blog. Come to think of it, if you actually went out and took a job and kept it for two years, you would have at least two promotions, by the time that your blog will just begin to become productive. 
These are some of the aspects that you should keep in mind while thinking whether you should respond to such ads, and then there's the biggest reason that you should keep in mind:
Blogspot and Adsense are Free Services: Google Blogspot is a free service. Anyone with a Internet access and an email ID can sign up for blogspot and make their own blog. Not only blogspot, there are several blog hosting sites that are free, like Word Press, Typepad, the list is endless. Google Adsense is a free online advertising service. Basically, you do not have to pay a single cent to make use of any of these services. In fact, everything that needs to be done to run a blog can be done for free, provided you are ready to spend some time doing it. Taking into consideration this blog itself, here is a breakup of the amount that has gone into making this blog:

  • Domain Name Registration: 550 INR (This is not necessary, we just did it because thought the name was awesome)
  • Blog Template: Free, courtesy Deluxe Templates
  • Google Adsense: Free, because we are legal citizens of our country and have a valid address.
  • Content: The content and the updating of the site is our headache, and we have invested in a lot of Disprin, so it's all right. 
  • Everything else you see on the site: Free, Free, Free!
  • In conclusion, it is moot to note that Google Adsense and Google Blogspot offers a great chance for people to make money, after they have made their websites or blogs, and after they have understood what the Internet world is all about, and only after they have decided that they can actually become successful on the Internet world.
    There are countless success stories of blogs that used Adsense and other advertsing programs to make money from their website, but you should be sure that you are upto it.

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