Free Thanksgiving Printable Game

Posted on Nov 21 2011 at 10:07:09 AM in Crafts

When it comes to crafts I notice a lot of people enjoy printables. For banners, decor, coloring pages. I never see too many for printable games or word games. So I decided to create this one to share with you to make your Thanksgiving more festive and fun.

I created a four page printable game I call Turkey Talk - Conversation Starter. You simply print out the pages,  cut out the 25 question cards & use the answer sheet.



Your sure to enjoy this printable game at your gathering so drop by & grab it!

What are your families favorite games during the holidays? Games like catch phrase, uno or scrabble? This games has questions that will appeal to both adults & kids alike. It is family friendly and best of all it is free!

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