Free Pressure Point Fighting DVD

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Free Pressure Point Fighting DVD

The title Say's it all really get your Free Pressure Point Fighting DVD Here well the link is at the bottom of the page.  We can get to that in a minute for those of you who are unfamiliar with or have some small knowledge about pressure points may find the next few paragraphs helpful.

What are pressure points put simply they are areas of the body which for our purposes are the weak areas.  In traditional Chinese medicine for example acupuncture use these areas to heal.  We do not, we use those self same areas to attack and defeat the body.

Please do not confuse what we practise and train with what you may have seen in some cheesy kung fu flick its is not about beating someone with your little finger or causing your heart to explode with some secret touch.  There is nothing mystical or magical about pressure points it is just simply how to take advantage of the bodies natural weak spots.

Russell Stutely my teacher and friend has always said that pressure points are just the last five percent of any strike or technique.  Some people have said why bother then?  My answer to that is you train and work hard to be fast to make your strikes more powerful then why not learn to make them more accurate and put them were they will do the most good.

Part of the confusion about pressure points has been the mistaken belief that it is a system or style of its own.  Nothing could be further from the truth in fact the training and application of pressure points will fit seamlessly into any martial art.  In modern parlance look at them like an app for your art an add on if you will.  Just like chokes and strangles have been added to traditional arts over the years.

The last thing I will say is what an add on please see for yourself from a truly gifted martial artist and coach Russell Stutely.


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