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Posted on Apr 26 2012 at 09:40:56 AM in Games

When you think of online competitions what comes to mind? Maybe you would think of a poker a tournament or some kind of online gambling? There are many kinds of competitions available online some require skill others just luck.

There are a lot of free competitions available, these are most popular in countries like Australia, Canada, South Africa, and most especially in the United Kingdom. But what these countries offer when it comes to free online competition is different, and so are the prizes they offer.

The general rule about free online competitions is that you are to be of legal age, a citizen of the country where the competition is being held. Some may allow foreigners to enter. Some competitions are specifically for kids to enter, but with parental supervision.

In Canada, free online competitions are focused on lottery type draws. Meaning most competitions require you to enter your name and email address. But before entering these competitions, you must be able to meet their requirements like, having an internet connection or having an android mobile phone. The prizes offered in these Canadian competitions are freebies and money. The term "competition" is not so popular in Canada; they seem to call this type of draw a contest or sweepstake. The most popular USA term is also contest or sweepstake.

The United Kingdom also has free online competitions in the form of lotteries and raffles. Like Canada and the USA, the prizes that are offered are freebies and cash. The most common of these freebies are coupons, mobile phones and appliances that are newest to the market.

South Africa on the other hand has a different approach to free competitions online. South Africans seem to prefer picture competitions that require you to upload photos, paintings or artwork of landscapes. This will form the basis of a competition and then their prizes are geared more towards tourism and promotion of their own tourist destinations. This is an intelligent approach when it comes to free advertising of your own country.

So why do companies in the UK have competitions? In the UK, Competitions are a very popular way for businesses to market their products. If a company holds a competition it can create a tremendous buzz through its website and Facebook page, they can build a mailing list of people that would like to own their products. Because they are paying with their product as opposed to paying for all this advertising and word of mouth referrals in cash their outlay is much lower.

For any business holding some form of contest and having customers compete for it has to be good, maybe some of the losers will end up buying your products anyway. Maybe the winner will make all his friends envious and they will come and buy your product. Watch competitions are very popular in the UK at the moment, everyone needs a watch at some time, and maybe they will enter and join your mailing list just because it's free to win but when Christmas comes you may be able to tempt them with a voucher code.

Are you in the UK and interested in winning prizes for free, have you ever tried entering contests for money too.

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