Free Online Blogging Strategies For Increasing Traffic

Posted on Dec 7 2010 at 09:03:34 AM in Internet

Free Online Blogging Strategies For Increasing Traffic

Apart from just making your blog look attractive you need to learn some free online blogging tactics in order to promote it. Long gone are the days when just having a blog guaranteed you visits since there are now millions of blogs thus you need to work extra hard to increase traffic to your web pages. This also applies to content; content alone will not guarantee blogging success.

To stay ahead of your competition especially if you want to make money blogging, there are some simple proven free online blogging ideas that need to be implemented to ensure you get picked by blog search engines like Technocrati.

Social bookmarking is one of these proven ideas for increasing traffic to your blog and thus improving your experience when it comes to free online blogging. Sign up a free account with sites like Diggs, Reddit, Stumpleupon and Delicious. These sites allow you to submit your content for free. Adding you page links on social bookmaking sites also boost your page ranking since these sites are ranked high on search engines.

Blog promotion is the secret to free online blogging success hence you need to think outside the box. Your email address can go a long way in ensuring you increase traffic. Therefore, make sure you add your blog link in your email signature. You should not stop there; your business cards should also contain your blog URL. The idea here is to find a way of telling the whole world about your blog.

Another free online blogging strategy is linking to other blogs. The best approach to this is making sure you link to blogs related to yours. Find out the top ranking blogs in your niche and include their links to your blog posts. If you land on a blog that has a trackback feature active then you will automatically get link backs in their comment section. I do not need to tell you the amount of exposure you will get from this strategy.

There are still more valuable lessons to learn on Free Online Blogging therefore follow the link below to get more insights.

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