Free Linkedin Alternative for Small Business Owners

Posted on Dec 4 2012 at 12:42:26 PM in Entrepreneurship

Free Linkedin Alternative for Small Business Owners


Free LinkedIn Alternative for Small Business Owners. Communication, competition, marketing, website traffic, branding, personality, and search engine optimization. For small business owners, enhancing social media can be a never ending project.

And not all social network connections are created equal. My networks on Facebook and LinkedIn certainly include plenty of friends and colleagues, but they’re mixed in with people I met once at a conference, random folks who sent me a nice note, and so on. All of that is pretty normal, but if I need to find the meaningful messages and connections, it can be a headache.


Recently you may have noticed other social media experts buzzing over a new tool called Cloze. I know what your thinking…if this is anothersocial media profile to update, I am about to lose you…but you should definitely read on.

For those of you that feel LinkedIn is not opening the right doors for them, or not user friendly enough, or not offering the results you expected, you might want to try to Cloze the door on LinkedIn temporarily and try this unique social media tool instead.

Cloze (found at is a free LinkedIn alternative service that brings together your email, business connections, social networks, and address books into a single useful viewer. Users connect their various accounts, which are then analyzed and rated according to their interactions to determine relationship strength and to assign a Cloze score. The higher the Cloze score, the stronger the relationship. You will receive a daily email digest of the communications from your connections that have the highest Cloze score. You can also search to see who in your networks has the best relationship with someone you might want an introduction to (similar to Hachi). The score helps to separate proven relationships from passive, one-time connections. Then it’s simply a matter of using those relationships that mean the most to you to build new relationships that will help grow your business.

“Free LinkedIn Alternative for Small Business Owners”

Small business owners have a particular challenge keeping up with email and other electronic messages, not just because they receive a lot of them but because they often don’t have an assistant or someone to help organize the deluge and figure out which should get responses first.

So, if you are someone who struggles to keep on top of email across all the different places you now receive messages — from your email inbox to all your different social networks — you may want to try out this new cloud-based prioritization service, as it might help you get organized and free up some time for other important projects.

If you decide to test this tool out for yourself, and find that you are having difficulties, please contact us for a free consultation to help getting you started. Remember this tool is still in beta, but I am confident this tool will not be going away any time soon.

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