Free International Calls from PCs

Posted on Nov 9 2011 at 04:20:12 PM in Business & Economy

Have you been aware of the fact that you can make free international calls from your personal computer to any country you wish for? Yes, it is indeed possible to call Indonesia from your PC and pay less money for it.  What is needed is a good quality broadband connection and specified PC hardware. The rest of the usage process is very simple, so it is in fact easy to make free international calls many countries.Calling back home or keeping in touch with your friends and partners in distant countries is not unbearable financial burden anymore. If you use simple software downloaded from the internet, you may be able to call Thailand even for free. Very good voice clarity and call quality could be achieved when you are subscribed to an excellent internet connection service. Making cheap calls over a dial up connection is another option to take advantage of.

Free calls over the internet are done by first checking if your PC has a sound card, a microphone jack and a speaker.You may check by looking behind your computer, where speakers and microphones are usually switched on. It is the place where the sound card is situated. Each sound card has 3 holes colored differently, depending on the device you switch into it. The three colors are light green, light blue and light red and next to them there are symbols indicating the type of device.  Not every computer has a sound card. Those which are more than five years old, for example will not have one. After you connected the speakers you should connect the microphone to the jack placed on your sound card.

In case there are no speakers, you may buy a PC headset plus microphone and connect the device to the specified jack. The same could be done when you lack sound quality. Internet phone software could be downloaded for free from the VOIP provider, which you have already chosen. VOIP is another way to call the Voice over Internet Protocol service. It is an innovative method for making phone calls all over the wo

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