Fractional Sailboat Ownership

Posted on Oct 27 2011 at 11:38:33 AM in Travel

If you are planning a yachting trip around the world, then a great place to begin is on the Solent in the United Kingdom. This is because you can join a boatsharing club here and buy a boat between you, or you can also rent a yacht and get all of the equipment that you need. You can access the open seas and go via the harbours of Cowes, Plymouth and Dartmouth. I would then suggest that you head for the Mediterranean.  If you set Greece as your destination then you can go via Cannes and Italy on your way. When you get to the Ionian Sea I would recommend doing some island hopping as there are picturesque little harbours situated all over the place, and an island that you should definitely check out is Ithaca. This is where Odysseus was from and has two beautiful ports where you can moor your yacht and enjoy the golden white sands. It gets a bit too hot in July and August so I would suggest visiting in the other months of summer. You will be able to dive off of your yacht into the clearest waters with no worries about sharks. Watch out for the sea enenemies however, which are spiky and black and grow on rocks.

The only places in the world where you need to really be concerned about pirates are off the coast of Somalia and around the Philippines. Make sure that you check with the local authorities about any recent pirate activity before you sail through these waters. If you are thinking of joining a boatsharing club then have a look on the internet by googling ‘fractional sailboat ownership’ and you will be provided with a  lot of information regarding the best way to go about joining or forming one of these schemes.

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