Foul Language Law? Not in my F@$%#& Town!

Posted on Jul 2 2012 at 11:03:53 AM in Humor

Foul Language Law? Not in my F@$%#& Town!

Dozens of people turned out in Middleborough, Mass., this week to curse a new anti-profanity bylaw.

Many at the protest shouted curse words and carried profanity-laced posters.

A strong majority of residents voted for the bylaw, which makes public cursing a non-criminal offense punishable with a $20 citation.

“The language that is coming from inside this building — saying that we are going to use the force of government to control your speech — is way more offensive than any particular word,” Adam Kokesh, who opposes the law, said.

“I don’t use that word, and he was using it every other word out of his mouth, and he’s just yelling at me and telling me to shut up,” Lorraine Robin, who supports it, said.

Police say they didn’t issue any citations at the protest because the state attorney general still has to review the bylaw.


Do you have any crazy language related laws in your town?  How do you feel about the Foul Language Law in this article?  Visit and post your response to this article. There is also a video to watch with an interview of one of the town's residents.

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